Hankook & Company contributes to the escalates the corporate value by carrying out ESG,
fulfills the social responsibility of a corporate, and pursues reliable and continuous
growth with all stakeholders from customers to business partners, local community,
employees, and more.
  • Communication

  • Integrated Risk Management

  • Global

  • Human Rights

  • Philanthropy

  • Transparent

  • Win-Win Management Of Supply Network

  • Balanced


ESG Rating
Year Intergrated Environment Social Governance
2022 B C B B+
2021 A B+ A+ B+
2020 B B+ B+ B
2019 B+ B+ A+ B
2018 C B A C
(Sources: KCGS)
Communication with Stakeholders

Hankook & Company clearly identifies ESG issues through communication with stakeholders and internal and external analysis of the environment. In addition, Hankook & Company strives to share ESG performance and plans with stakeholders and operates various communication channels where the opinions of stakeholders can be heard directly.

Annual Communication
Process with Stakeholders
Analysis of Stakeholders
Communication Planning & Scheduling
Selection of Communication Channel Per Stakeholder
Convergence of Expectations & Requests
Commitment Suggestion
Application and Execution
Performance Management and Report
Collection of Feedback from Stakeholders
Reflection on Policy and Future Strategy
Link to Improvement Activities
Channel Per Stakeholder
Shareholders & Investors
Communication Channel
  • Board of Directors, General Meeting of Shareholders, Overseas Conference, IR, etc.
  • Maximization of management performance and shareholder value
  • Management of organizational transparency and sustainability
  • Sound governance structure
  • Transparent ethics management, integrated risk management.
Customers (General Customers, Dealers, Carmakers)
Communication Channel
  • Technology Exchange Meeting, Exhibitions, Exposition, Sustainability Evaluation, Dealer Meeting, Customer Satisfaction Center, and Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Enhancement of consumer safety and health when using products
  • Enhancement of product quality and safety
  • Enhancement of product accountability; reliable marketing
  • Quick processing of complaints and feedbacks from customers
Communication Channel
  • Labor-management council, meetings, grievance system, organization immersion survey, internal intranet site (Arena), in-house proposal system, quarterly Proactive Concert, etc.
  • Establishment of win-win relationship between labor and management
  • Diversity recognition; prohibition of discrimination
  • Enrichment education to support growth
  • Work-life harmony
  • Enabling internal communication
  • Stability of the workplace, improvement of working environment, etc.
Communication Channel
  • Meetings of local residents, meeting of local government offices and NGOs, gathering of community complaints, etc.
  • Revitalization of regional economy
  • Resolving issues of education and basic needs for the underprivileged in the region
  • Activities of social contribution as social investments, etc.
Communication Channel
  • Frequent meetings with government and regulatory officials, gathering of community complaints, etc.
  • Fulfillment corporate’s environmental responsibilities (minimizing environmental impact)
  • Participation in climate change responses
  • Streamline the use of raw materials and increase recycling
Business Partners
Communication Channel
  • Regular evaluation of business partners, quality and ESG training, HANKOOK Partner's Day, Hankook Tire Purchase Portal (HePS)
  • Programs for enhancing competitiveness of business partner (training, technical support, etc.)
  • Fair trade and win-win management
  • Enhanced communication and information sharing, etc.
Integrated Risk Management

Hankook & Company conducts systematic risk monitoring and prevention activities and strengthens capabilities for immediate response and recovery in case of unforeseen risks.

Business Continuity Risk
Safety &
Health Risk
Global Environment Protection

Hankook & Company is making continuous efforts at the group level by generous investments for the future of the global environment.


Hankook & Company minimizes environmental impact at the site by reducing the use of necessary resources in the manufacturing process of the products and preventing the leakage of harmful substances across the company. In addition, we will strive for a “Green Survival” era in which human survival and corporate activities can coexist by gradually expanding recycling and resourcefulness.

  • Reducing water usage
  • Reducing and recycling waste
  • Managing air/water pollutants
  • Management of hazardous chemicals


Environment is an essential management element for the sustainability of a company, and Hankook & Company recognizes the environmental impact not only on the manufacturing process but also on the use of the product as an essential responsibility. Hankook & Company continues to research on reducing environmental impacts by considering the entire product life cycle from the product design stage.

  • Research & development of eco-friendly products
  • Expanding the use of sustainable raw materials


Hankook & Company recognizes that climate change is an urgent issue on a global scale that has a fatal impact on the future of humanity and ecosystems. Hankook & Company strives to fulfill corporate roles and responsibilities. In support of the Paris Agreement, Hankook & Company is committed to reducing global greenhouse gas emission and adapting to climate change to control global warming to within 1.5°C.

  • Reducing energy use
  • Using clean energy
  • Introducing innovative reduction technology
Human Rights

Hankook & Company supports and respects internationally declared protection of human rights. Hankook & Company makes every effort protect human rights and not to be involved in human rights violations.

Human Rights Management Principles of
Hankook & Company
Prohibition of
Forced Labor

Hankook & Company does not take advantage of any kinds of forced labor (such as debt labor, slave labor, etc.) that unfairly constrain mental or physical freedom of the workers.

Prohibition of
Child Labor

Hankook & Company complies with the minimum employment age set forth in the national regulations and does not impose health and safety risks on youth labor under the age of 18.

Prohibition of Discrimination

Hankook & Company does not discriminate in terms of recruitment, compensation or promotion based on race, age, gender, nationality, disability, religion, pregnancy, union membership, marital status, social status, etc.

Freedom of Assembly
and Association

Hankook & Company provides communication opportunities between the company and employees, guarantees freedom of association, and does not penalize employees for joining, engaging, or forming in union activities or forming.

Lawful Wage Payment, and Stabilization of Livelihood

Hankook & Company is a major contributor to the guaranteed minimum wage, overtime pay, social insurance coverage, in-between breaks and vacation as stipulated in the national regulations, and thus contributes to the stabilization of workers’ livelihood and the quality of working conditions.

Safety and Health of Employees

Hankook & Company provides employees with a safe and clean working environment and protects workers from harmful substances.

Social Contribution

Today, corporates are not only profit-seeking but also value-seeking for the mutual growth with the community. Hankook & Company presents solutions for the mutual growth of businesses and communities together through social contribution activities where corporate capabilities can be linked to social values.

Performance - Hankook & Company Official Website

As a representative social contribution project, Mobility Project is implemented for social welfare institutions with transportation issue. It consists of three main projects: Vehicle Sharing, Tire Sharing, and Sprouting Bus.

Hearty Social Housing
Performance - Hankook & Company Official Website

Hearty Social Housing, another project by Hankook & Company, provides social housing that are more affordable than the market prices. This project aims to solve the financial problems that vulnerable citizens with low-income experience, such as becoming financially stranded due tothe increasing rent.

Dream with
Performance - Hankook & Company Official Website

DreamWith is a project that encourages local residents to solve various problems related to their community.

Hankook Donggeurami Partners
Performance - Hankook & Company Official Website

Hankook Donggeurami Partners is an exemplary company established by Hankook & Company to provide new possibilities and opportunities for the socially vulnerable, and to contribute to the growth and development of our society along with communities.

This project is the most important social contribution project led by Hankook & Company as it is capable of providing stable jobs for the socially vulnerable among the various social activities that Hankook & Company has already implemented.

Transparent Ethics Management

Hankook & Company continuously monitors ethical risks and strives to establish a solid internal ethics culture in order to raise awareness of an ethical management.

Regular Education on
Ethics Management

Hankook & Company enhances the awareness in employees' ethics by providing common education for ethical management on a regular basis. Hankook & Company also provides customized training through the segmentation of educational contents by position, business characteristics, and region.

Establishment of
Ethics Regulations

Hankook & Company establishes and propagates ethical regulations that should be observed by all executives and employees, and continuously updates the needs of external stakeholders such as carmakers and external evaluators. By upgrading the corporate policies for zero-tolerance, money laundering (contribution to the state and society), internal transactions (partnership with partner companies), fair trading (responsibilities to customers), charitable sponsorship (contribution to the state and society), import-export compliance (contribution to the state and society), and express charge (global companies), Hankook & Company is enhancing its systematic regulations.


Hankook & Company conducts campaigns, including “No Gifts for Holidays,” to raise awareness of unethical behavior and improve ethical awareness every year.

Win-Win Management Of Supply Network

Hankook & Company seeks win-win management through which both Hankook & Company and its suppliers continue to grow and develop by establishing a transparent and fair.

Supplier Sustainability Guidance
Supplier Sustainability Guidance establishes and distributes the codes of conduct that must be followed by the suppliers in order to comply with the ESG policies of Hankook & Company and reflect in their management activities.
ESG Monitoring
For Supplier
Hankook & Company regularly manages the supply chain risks by conducting ESG Audit for diagnosing ESG status and identifying risks followed by planning improvement activities.
Conflict Resources
Hankook & Company has established a set of conflict mineral policies and enforced strict management to ensure that raw materials are not supplied from conflict zones where human rights are severely threatened.
Sustainable Natural
Rubber Policy
Hankook & Company makes constant efforts for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the natural rubber value chain.
Balanced Reporting

Hankook & Company communicates with stakeholders such as customers and global rating agencies by reporting ESG activities in a transparent and balanced manner every year. In doing so, Hankook & Company recognizes the value of ESG activities from stakeholders around the world.

ESG Report
Hankook & Company complies with the GRI Standard, the world's most widely adopted guideline for preparing sustainable management reports.
Principles in
Hankook & Company’s reports are written to communicate qualitatively with stakeholders based on six principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, clarity and reliability.
Evaluation of
Through third-party verification, Hankook & Company secures objectivity and trust in the report by checking the accuracy of the data and whether the organization reports economic, environmental, and social performance in compliance with international standards.