Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Hankook & Company draws up major issues that require intensive management by
considering the importance of our stakeholders' interests and business, and manages
the major issues through transparent decision-making processes.
Goal and Plan

Hankook & Company has established areas of key management based on the integrated ESG management system. Based on this, each steering committee has set and strives to achieve its goals for 2020. In addition, we are reviewing the Vision 2030 Road Maps by each ESG steering committees to re-examine the current situation of the company and establish a new mid- to long-term roadmap for the coming 2020 period.

Areas of Key Management Customer Satisfaction
and Quality Management
Health and
Safety of
Climate Change Response Creation of
Value in
Integrated Environment Management Participation
and Development
of Local Communities
Transparent &
Win-Win Management with Supplier Responsible Governance Integrated Risk Management
Governance with Responsibility

Hankook & Company is committed to maintaining a sound corporate governance structure and
implementing transparent and rational practices.

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Decision-Making Process

The decision-making process of Hankook & Company takes its course around the Board of Directors.
After actively collecting opinions from stakeholders, each committee vigorously draws out tasks that can lead to presentable outcomes.
The Board of Directors and all committees are creating a corporate culture in which smooth communication allows the opinions of stakeholders can be reflected in the decision-making process by the top management.

Committees Under the Board of Directors
  • Audit Committee
    3 Non-executive Directors
    Audit of the Company’s accounting and businesses / Investigates the Company’s asset status
    Handles matters prescribed by the Act or the Minister and those delegated by the Board of Directors.
    Requests sales reports from Directors / Approves appointments of non-executive directors
  • Sustainability
    2 Executive Directors
    Reviews and votes on matters concerning general management
    Reviews and votes on matters concerning financial affairs
  • NED
    2 Executive Directors / 3 Non-executive Directors
    Recommends candidates for non-executive directors to shareholders' meeting
  • Internal
    3 Non-executive Directors
    Approves for large-scale internal transactions, etc.