We study how to realize innovation, not the results of innovation.
We will talk about the philosophy and inspiration that make innovation manifest itself,
and how innovators think and collaborate.
We try to make sure that more people can realize the innovation they have imagined.

From Cinematograph to Smartphone Cinema

"Movies can be enjoyed by anyone" to "Anyone can make movies."

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Smart City : Advanced Future

"The smart city, as a product of the 4th Industrial Revolution,
is literally the future of the city that has already arrived."

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Motorsports Circuit: The Holy Land of Speed

By what standards are motorsports circuits made?

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The Beauty and the Tech

This is the era of digital beauty, in which one can manage their beauty with data

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Hankook Technology Group

The Thrill of Trying your Luck in a Raffle

Limited editions are produced in small volumes and sold at high prices

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Hankook Technology Group
Hankook Technology Group

The Value of "What is Real" In the Virtual World

Unique digital collectibles, based on blockchain technology

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