Proactive Culture

Proactive Culture

Under the Proactive Culture, the unique company culture of Hankook & Company that enables its members realize their full potential, we are performing the entrepreneurial spirit of challenge and innovation on the global stage

Proactive Culture is the unique company culture of
Hankook & Company which has grown based on the
entrepreneur spirit of challenge and innovation


Hankook & Company Group is committed to implementing and learning an efficient way of working based on Proactive Workplace. We foster a creative work environment that emphasizes the essence and value of work, striving to eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary practices boldly.


The symbol of Proactive Culture that will lead the innovation of Hankook & Company

Hankook & Company and major affiliates moved into Technoplex in May 2020 to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution era and strengthen the future competitiveness based on technology. Technoplex will be the best place to grow as a company that realizes innovation by combining the holdings and affiliates of Hankook & Company including Hankook Tire & Technology, Hankook AtlasBX, and Hankook Networks in one space. Technoplex, built on a total area of 47,919.42 ㎡ with 6 stories underground and 10 stories above ground, pursued Visual Connectivity for spatial planning and minimized interlayer breakage through void space and atrium. In particular, in addition to smart office facilities that pursue communication and autonomy to achieve open innovation without boundaries, employees can enjoy a healthier corporate life with various amenity facilities (Bistrofine, Fitness Center, Wellness Center, etc.) and environment-friendly work space. In the future, Technoplex will play an important role in establishing a future where innovation is realized as a technology innovation cluster through collaboration and communication-oriented work-style innovation.


Leading the innovative future technology, Hankook Technodome

In 2016, Hankook Technodom was established to secure our leadership in global technology and to strengthen the company’s future competitive edge.
Constructed with a total of 6 floors (including 2 underground floors) over a massive total area of 93,328 m2, Hankook Technodome is equipped with state-of-the-art research equipment and testing facilities, including driving simulators that perform virtual tests in real-world racing environments and anechoic rooms, the world's best noise testing facilities.

In addition, we continue to expand our professional global research staff and invest in the infrastructure for high technologies. We aim to lead the development of innovative frontier technologies by creating an innovative workplace that is also optimized for R&D processes.


Innovative testing infrastructure for high technology

[Global Main Proving Ground]
Hankook Tire opened Asia's largest tire proving ground Hankook Technoring in Taean, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea in 2022.

Covering a total area of 1.26 million square meters, (equivalent to the size of 125 football fields combined) Hankook Technoring features a high-speed main circuit designed to allow high-speed driving tests at up to 250km/h. Comprising 13 different test tracks for tire evaluation for wet and dry handling, noise, and ride comfort, the proving ground is designed to accommodate all types of vehicles, from supercars to trucks and buses.

Hankook Technoring will play an important role in strenghtehning Hankook's technical leadership and competitveness by conducting systematic field tests on the original technology developed at Hankook Technodome. This will allow Hankook Tire to solidify its position as a global top tier company.

Culture Room

2023 Family Day (Technoplex)


2023 Family Day (Technodome)


Technoplex, changes the way we work


A Lab Built for the Future



Proactive Workstyle refers to the way Hankook & Company approaches its work. We operate a variety of campaigns and systems to maximize each staff’s personal potential, and we are creating a culture that motivates our staff.


Workstyle of Hankook & Company Proactive Workstyle

Proactive Workstyle is a unique working style of Hankook & Company Group that secures its global competitive edges. Hankook & Company staff share their most optimized working methods for the future workplace.

Hankook & Company aims to achieve a flexible, efficiency-oriented workstyle and is building a horizontal culture where creative ideas are freely expressed. We motivate the staff through a variety of systems from the workstyle innovating "Less for Better" campaign to the horizontal title system.

Proactive Workstyle forms the foundation of Hankook & Company Proactive Culture by providing the Hankook & Company staff with pride and a sense of belonging and the company with opportunities to achieve its mission and vision.


Beginning of Horizontal Communication Towards Proactive Leader

All executives and employees at Hankook & Company Group, from top executives to entry-level staff, communicate horizontally addressing each other calling by name, not by rank. Hankook & Company Group encourages active expression of opinions from all employees, irrespective of their rank or age. By treating and respecting each other as personal individuals and promoting flexible, horizontal thinking, we nurture an environment where good ideas can flourish.

한국앤컴퍼니, Hankook & Company – 문화, 구성원과 함께하는 투명 경영의 시작, Proactive Concert


The Proactive Concert serves as a venue for communication with company-wide members

The members, including executives and employees, are considered the owners of Hankook & Company. We maintain transparency by sharing management performance, strategic directions, and insights into the business environment with all members. Every quarter, the head of each organization provides direct explanations to members about the company's major news, performance, and organizational issues. This fosters horizontal communication, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the organization and promoting efficient communication among members. This approach builds trust within the company, allowing executives and employees to achieve optimal performance, with team leaders benefiting from a synergy effect as they align their work with the company's strategy and management status.


Proactive Awards, fostering greater synergy through challenges and innovation

The Proactive Awards system recognizes and honors organizations and members that actively practice proactive leadership and achieve notable results. Winners are selected across various categories, receiving exceptional sums as prize money. Notably, the award in the Best Lesson category promotes a culture that values setting challenging goals, demonstrating creative innovation, and tolerating and encouraging failure, even if success isn't immediately achieved.

As employees from around the world are eligible to receive the award, it is the most authoritative and honorable award in the company, and creating synergies among employees, i.e. making them go forward toward a more innovative goal.


Hankook & Company is building a culture for anyone to suggest their ideas through Proactive LAB. For innovative ideas that has potential in commercialization, we provide institutional support for spin-offs as an in-house venture.
한국앤컴퍼니, Hankook & Company – 창의적이고 자율적인 문화를 확산하는 사내벤처 제도, Proactive LAB


Proactive LAB,an in-house venture system fostering
a creative and autonomous culture

Proactive LAB empowers the idea proposers to become leaders, allowing them to form teams and work autonomously, utilizing various spaces and work styles beyond the traditional framework. Operating like a start-up, the teams engage in innovative problem-solving and present creative solutions, gaining valuable experience and achieving notable milestones. We actively encourage and support bold challenges and endeavors, and if there is potential for a new business, we facilitate the spin-off of internal ventures.

Hankook & Company creates a company-wide culture that is both creative and voluntary through Proactive LAB and builds innovative startups that create a better world for us to live in.


Proactive Studio,a platform where anyone can freely propose ideas

At Hankook & Company, we have an internal proposal system that allows members to freely suggest ideas, irrespective of their job scope or field. Annually, more than 2,000 ideas are submitted through this system, and proposers have the opportunity to directly execute their own ideas. If a proposal is deemed "urgently executable" or shows "potential for new business development," the proposer can establish a small-scale organization called Proactive LAB, experiencing an innovative way of working similar to a start-up.

한국앤컴퍼니, Hankook & Company – 누구나 자유롭게 아이디어를 제안 할 수 있는 무대, Proactive LAB