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    Meet Hankook & Company and its affiliates.

Hankook & Company

We are providing a better life by realizing the most important value we pursue.

We challenge old customs by asking questions from a new perspective. We look for answers to questions and predict the future based on state-of-the-art technology. We work proactively, think creatively and continuously rise to challenges in search of more valuable technologies. We repeatedly make technological advances and evolve our thoughts by continuously realizing ‘innovation,’ and provide a better life for all customers.

Smart Energy Solution Provider,
ES business Headquarters

The ES business Headquarters of Hankook & Company products high-performance, high-quality batteries
for various industries raging from automotive batteries to batteries for ship and industrial batteries.
ES business Headquarters will use the network and strategic competency of Hankook & Company
to proactively anticipate changes in the eco-friendly energy market and secure future competitiveness,
thus becoming a leader in next-generation smart energy solutions.

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Through strategic investments, Hankook & Company comprises the best technology companies in various fields, tires, IT services, manufacturing equipment, and molds and parts, as affiliates. We will grow into a global top tier innovator by enhancing our capability and strengthening our cooperation with our excellent affiliates.

Hankook Tire & Technology

With a world-wide brand strategy and distribution network, Hankook Tire & Technology provides the world's best products to meet the needs of our customers as well as the characteristics of each region and. Delivering the new value of driving to customers around the world, Hankook Tire & Technology is becoming the world's beloved global top tier brand.

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Hankook Engineering Works

As a manufacturer specializing in tire production established in 1992, Hankook Engineering Works plays a leading role in the tire manufacturing technology and facility localization.

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Hankook Networks

Hankook Networks is an IT service and logistics engineering company founded by the Information System Division of Hankook Tire & Technology in 2000. While providing its professional ITSM services to Hankook & Company and its affiliates, Hankook Networks continues to develop IT solutions and innovative solutions to meet market needs and has become a great partner that customers can trust.

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Hankook Precision Works

Since its establishment in 1973, Hankook Precision Works has been leading its business in tire molds, containers for vulcanizers, and precision parts. With an independent casting technology and 5-axis precision processing technology, Hankook Precision Works has completed its unique technology roadmap.

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Model Solution

Model Solution is a one stop service provider that help our customers develop and launch new products which require high quality and advanced manufacturing solutions. Since 1993, Model Solution has been a leader in the areas of advanced design, high fidelity appearance models, precision CNC, quick turn tooling, small volume production and contract manufacturing services to many of the leading global companies in the industries of consumer electronics, medical devices, robotics and automotive.

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Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation

Founded in 2006 and based in Canada, Preciseley Microtechnology Corporation ("PMC") is a global leader in optical MEMS solutions for advanced communications systems, automotive and intelligent sensing applications. PMC's innovative solutions allow customers to solve complex challenges in telecommunications infrastructure, datacenter interconnect and networks, automotive LiDAR and laser lighting systems, industrial LiDAR and machine vision systems, AR/XR, medical and biometrics applications.

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