We study how to realize innovation, not the results of innovation.
We will talk about the philosophy and inspiration that make innovation manifest itself,
and how innovators think and collaborate.
We try to make sure that more people can realize the innovation they have imagined.

Digital Characters
and MetaHumans

The evolution of digital characters and the metaverse of
a virtual reality world where you can do anything

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Enjoy D8NE,
Just Peaches!

A New Landmark in Seongsu-Dong, Seoul

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Companies Celebrate their Shared 80th Anniversary

80 years of growth together with the "Miracle on the Han River"

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Short Form, an Alternative to Snack Culture

An age in which only fragmented content exists

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Hankook Technology Group

The Zenith of
Mechanical Engineering

Highly advanced, precision mechanical engineering

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Hankook Technology Group
Hankook Technology Group

How Amazon Became an "Empire"

Creating an ecosystem for growth and expansion

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More Stories

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