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Model Solution hosts the 2024 CMF Open House


  • VIP guests and design industry leaders attended the 2024 CMF Open House from April 8 to 12
    Exhibits promoted innovative technology; trends in color, materials, and finish (CMF) design, and augmented reality (AR) products for industrial sites
    - Model Solution continues to expand partnerships with global companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor Group, Amazon, and Google

Seoul, South Korea, April 15, 2024 — Model Solution, a total hardware platform company and a subsidiary of Hankook & Company Group (formerly Hankook Tire Group), held its 2024 CMF Open House from April 8 to 12 at its headquarters in Bucheon, South Korea.

The event showcased Model Solution’s achievements in its specialty field of color, materials, and finish (CMF) design. They incorporate the latest CMF trends as well as augmented reality (AR) and demonstrate the company’s global competitiveness across the value chain to design industry leaders and clients such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Hyundai Motor Group.

The guests at the event encountered themed exhibition areas, experience zones, and videos that showcase Model Solution’s unparalleled CMF technology and its expertise in prototypes and Contract Manufacturing (CM).

The areas displayed the outcome of a collaborative project with the world-renowned studio Chris Lefteri Design, which has worked with Model Solution since 2020 to convey the latest design industry trends and insights. This year’s theme is sustainability, and guests experienced eco-friendly materials such as master CMF trend packages and products as part of a national project collaborated with the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. The exhibits featured CMF samples and CMF essential kits focused on mass production.

There were also opportunities to experience Model Solution’s latest industrial AR devices. MS-AR20SE, the AR head-mounted display (AR HMD), developed in cooperation with a Korean AR software company for use at industrial sites, is equipped with optical modules, a thermal imager, and lights to facilitate remote support and safety inspections.

The product launch is scheduled in late 2024 for a monocular version of MS-AR20SE, after field tests at Hankook Tire & Technology’s plants in Geumsan, Korea, and in Tennessee, the United States. A binocular version, offering enhanced information and visibility, is currently in the development phase with testing anticipated to conclude by the end of this year.

To demonstrate the company’s innovative technology, another experience space simulated an at-home environment so guests can enjoy games and videos in a cozy setting. This space was collaborated with a specialized simulator platform company, GAMA Co., Ltd.

“We hope this event inspired new ideas,” said Model Solution CEO Byungil Woo. “It also showed that Model Solution is an internationally competitive company, not just for prototypes but also for AR devices and Contract Manufacturing (CM) products.”

Acclaimed for its innovation and technological excellence, Model Solution is a global hardware platform company with over 1,000 partners throughout the world. These include automaker Hyundai Motor Group, as well as technology powerhouses Google, Amazon, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics. Smartphones and laptops have driven Model Solution’s growth since its inception, and more recently it has identified AR, robotics, and medical devices as strategic areas for research and development.