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Hankook & Company signs MOU with KAIST for the establishment of third ‘Digital Future Innovation Research Center’


  • Signing for the third phase of the Digital Future Innovation Center held at KAIST on May 24
  • Reinforcing talent growth and accelerate joint development of data and AI technology with KAIST Graduate School of Data Science
  • Created a foundation for digital innovation and future competitiveness through research on the internalization of data and AI technology over the past four years
  • Both parties aim to continue to grow their partnership as an exemplary collaboration platform and secure future competitiveness

Daejeon, Korea, 25 May 2023 - Hankook & Company, the holding company of Hankook & Company Group (formerly Hankook Tire Group), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Graduate School of Data Science (GSDS) for the ‘Third Phase of the Digital Future Innovation Research Center’ at KAIST, on May 24.

The MOU signing was attended by the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Seong-Jin Kim, Vice President of the Machinery & Digital Engineering Department Jae-Hee Kim, Vice President of R&D Planning Department Chang-Hwan Kang from Hankook & Company and Provost and Executive Vice President Dong-Man Lee, Director of Center Ha-Yong Shin, Co-director of the Center Young-Jae Jang from KAIST. Through the establishment of a third Digital Future Innovation Research Center, Hankook & Company and KAIST plan to further strengthen industry-academia cooperation, foster digital talent and accelerate the joint development of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

In particular, both parties aim to create measurable outcomes in the field of R&D and practical training of digital technology and strive to build the relationship as a successful model of industry-academia cooperation. Thus, the parties plan to conduct joint research – based on data science – on digital innovation and striving to secure AI technology.

The partnership will accelerate the nurturing of practical talent capable of responding to the emerging era of digital transformation. Expert education programs on Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) and GSDS data science visitation programs will be made available to executives and employees of Hankook & Company. Academic events and seminars that share and explore state of the art AI research results and AI/Big Data competitions will also be planned and carried out jointly to put down the roots of an expanded digital culture.

The KAIST Digital Future Innovation Research Center is an industrial-academic cooperative organization – established by Hankook & Company and KAIST in 2019 – with the aim of securing innovative R&D and digital technology capabilities through digital transformation. Over the past four years – during the project’s first and second phases – 22 digital research projects were carried out in the tire production and R&D field by Hankook Tire & Technology (Hankook Tire) – the key affiliate of the Hankook Tire & Company Group – and has led to successful results in optimizing R&D efficiency and productivity while internalizing major AI/ML technology capabilities.

In addition, Hankook & Company, together with KAIST, has been laying the foundation for digital innovation, creating various collaborative synergies and securing future competitiveness by ▲developing and promoting joint research projects ▲fostering customized digital professions ▲providing R&D consultation and innovative technology exchange.

“Together with the KAIST Graduate School of Data Science, we will continue to secure industrial domain-based data/AI technologies and apply them further in the field,” said Seong-Jin Kim, Hankook & Company’s CDO and CIO. “We look forward to developing the Digital Future Innovation Research Center as an effective cooperative platform.”

Dong-Man Lee, the Provost and Executive Vice President of KAIST, commented “The partnership between KAIST and Hankook & Company has established an ideal case of industry-academic cooperation in the era of digital innovation and will present a new model going forward.”

Meanwhile, Hankook & Company pioneers digital innovation across the mobility industry by securing AI technology for decision-making process based on data analysis. The company accelerates digital innovation by active adaptation of technology, such as operating data-based, practical projects for faster decision-making processes and finding solutions for business issues through experiences in diverse AI research tasks.